Parladivino / What is Parladivino

Since 1960, the Enoteca Italiana di Siena has been a unique national institution, public in nature, whose goal is to showcase Italian wines, especially Denominazione di Origine (DOC) wines. Its objective is to promote wines through tastings and on site sales in the splendid Fortezza Medicea.

Always forward-thinking, the Ente Autonomo Mostra Vini - Enoteca Italiana has grown into an increasingly modern organization that functions as a public institution.

Its structural and technological innovations have produced real results, and given new life to "Parladivino," a permanent exhibit that is the first and only institution of its kind on both the national and international scene.

With the use of complex software, conceived and developed in collaboration with the University of Siena and Flecta, “Parladivino” allows you to access all of the data concerning the Denominazione di Origine and the Indicazione Geografica wines recognized in Italy through the use of a palm pilot. Data can be accessed in many foreign languages, including Japanese. This new digital system also allows visitors to make virtual tours of winemaking Italy to learn about wine production and quality products from the Italian countryside. On guided itineraries, visitors can obtain all possible information concerning the various recognized appellations, including: topographical data with related maps of the territory and production codes; information on principal grape varieties; qualitative and organoleptic characteristics; details of the estate; technical profiles of the wine; price and availability; and traditional dishes made in the particular area. Finally, at the end of the tour, visitors will be able to taste and purchase their desired wines. At the Enoteca entrance, each visitor will be issued a palm pilot with which he can scan a bottle on display using a bar code. Once the bottle is activated, there follows an audiovisual presentation of the product, also in various languages.

Distributed throughout the rooms of the exhibition, the bottles give more detailed and in-depth information, such as descriptions and photographs of the varieties, food matches of the region, and information about the producers. In addition, visitors can print out a summary of their tour together with a personal code; this will allow them to enter their personal page on the website and retrace the itinerary made.

In the same way, people living around the world can virtually visit the Enoteca’s exhibition, and access all of the information it contains at their convenience. After having arranged the visit at home and having informed the Enoteca via e-mail they can finally make the tour in person. Once in Siena, the visitors can retrace their steps through the halls of the exposition guided by a palm pilot.

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